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Shifting getting shifty

About to switch the SRAM brake levers/shifter with these TRP brake levers and a microSHIFT Right barend rear shifter.

Why? Because the SRAM shifter, as much as I like it, is twitchy, and my personal preference is a rear barend shifter – I did my interwebical research, and these shifters can be turned into friction mode (no index clicking), allowing for a more intuitive shifting style. I don’t like the shifter clicking and indexing, and perhaps missing a gear – I don’t like the shifter telling me what to do. I tell the shifter and derailleur what to do.

This way, all three components, the two brake levers and the barend shifter, act separately from one another. I am also running a 1x setup. Wolf Tooth narrow wide chainring, and an 11 speed SRAM cassette is ideal for a lot of varied terrain.

As soon as the setup is complete on the Montrose, I will report on its performance.

For now, keep riding!

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