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Gleaming the bags.

You know that sound gnomes make when they make their mating calls? Yes, you guessed it right, they sound like when one tears Velcro pieces apart…

Reviewing these two bags, a Banjo Brothers medium frame bag and a Revelate Designs Tangle bag, I now have a full respect and appreciation for things that make you go boom.

This is also a comparison for both bags – they both have, in my opinion, different purposes with similarities.

First, the Banjo Brothers bag. It’s black, has straps made of Velcro. It’s Banjo-ee. It’s got zippers. It functions well. I like it because of its size and its pockets. One big pocket to stash the items you see in the pictures, and also, a smaller side bag – that’s where I keep my phone, keys, wallet.

Secondly, the other bag. The Tangle from Revelate. I like this one a lot also. It is cavernously huge. Well, especially the big compartment that corresponds to the drive side of the bicycle setup. I filled it up with the same stuff, tubes, pump (the Blackburn pump is so old, 2001 old - it has gotten me out of some binds), CO2 cartridges, etc… and a large Nalgene bottle. Yes. The large one. Why? Because it fits.

It’s other side compartment has two inner little compartments. I can stash away smaller things, like tire levers, this and that, and my personal things.

Both bags use Velcro that’s been harvested from the Velcro trees down in secret forests. They make that ripping sound when pulled apart. The Tangle bag has good amounts of Velcro, along with plastic straps and buckles that hand on tight for dear life on the bike frame. I like all of this and its massive amount of expedition style zippers.

I did have to add a third Velcro strap up on top of the bag because it was sagging with the two straps that are included – the third strap in the middle made it more stable.

The Banjo Brothers bag has three Velcro straps up top, and a nylon strap and plastic buckle that swing around the down tube. The strap is too long, but that’s not a problem. Simply get creative and wrap the excess around the buckle. Simple as that.

Here’s a bonus… when using the Banjo Brothers bag, I can use the water bottle on the down tube more effectively. But when I use the Tangle, the top of the bottle touches the bag. No problem, but it is a snug fit due to the frame’s design. The bonus is the Wolf Tooth Components B-RAD System.

Install it, use it two bottles on either side, effectively adding an additional bottle. This way your frame can now carry three bottles instead of two, and you’ll pee more. But that’s ok. One needs to stay hydrated. And then, fitting a large Nalgene bottle in the Tangle, this will make you pee more. Or not, depending on what you fill it with. Could be soup, a stuffed down loaf of white bread, loose marbles to annoy your friends and to ward off gnomes, or a rolled up magazine that you want to keep dry. What magazine? Your choice.

All in all, the bags are great! They’re good for a century ride or more. Use a saddle bag and backpack if you’re going for longer to carry overnight gear. is made in USA. www. are China made. That doesn’t matter. They’re both good stuff at what they do.

Sautee some gnomes (the only meat considered vegetarian by the U. S. Food Administration), enjoy a sunrise or a sunset. Live well. Respect your family and friends. Use a tarp when you have to. Obey STOP signs and look both ways before crossing the street.

Enjoy this review. I’ll look for other things to review later.

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