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Microshift – or rather, microSHIFT. (BS-A11)

This little rear shifter goes to 11 (yes, if you get the reference. If you do not, look it up) and it is one of the easiest shifters to install and set up.

The shifter, once properly set, is intuitive… as in you have full control. The shifter does not have control of you.

If you own and walk a dog, you would understand. There are those of you who let the dog walk you, meaning, you coddle the dog. Then there are those of you who walk the dog, in which you have control of the dog and it obeys and reacts to your commands – this is how this shifter / derailleur combo behaves.

I was using a SRAM Force 22 rear 11 speed Doubletap brake/shift lever – was not happy with it from the beginning. Using it for a year was frustrating. It was if I was letting the dog walk me on every shift. I mated this with a SRAM chain, cassette and cranks to make it all SRAMmy. No offence to SRAM – I just went for another shifting alternative.

Once the BS-A11 was setup, I tested it on the repair stand. It shifted when told to shift. I have it setup as friction right now and I do not think I will ever use the index setting on it. If there is cable stretch overtime, index shifting will have to be adjusted. With friction, I adjust it when I feel that it needs adjusting since I simply move the shifter lever and it goes where I want it to go.

On the road, shifts flawlessly. No ghost shifting. This is the way shifting should be… well, a part of old-school is what I like. It is a reliable shifter. Easy to use and maintain.

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