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Maxxis Minions

Maxxis Minions… what can I say?

They’re awesome here in the city (Chicago, where Chicago things come from) because IT SNOWED a lot a few days ago.

I rode the KUMA Ogden around in the snow, by Buckingham Fountain (Married with Children reference), The Bean (that hugely popular mirrored monstrosity tourist trap), and all around.

These tires on the snowy parks… the rear one, MINION FBR (click here) which is rear specific, digs in hard, like the treads of He-Man’s Battle Tank. The knobs are thick. I am not going to measure the knobs, but seriously, they are thick. And Maxxis has done it right. I am sure their lab coat-wearing scientists developed a new sort of hypotenuse to make the knobs do what they do.

Front wheel. MINION FBF (click here). Front directional. Bionic. Front functional and at 10PSI in the Chicago snowy winter day, tracks through Old Man Winter’s chasms like the a plough through perfect Nebraska soil.

I give the Maxxis Minions their worth, and a four stars out of four. Average price per retail, $100 a tire. I have a feeling they’ll last a while since I switch tires between winter and warm months here in the Midwest’s Chicago climate.

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