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Cobalt 1 XC Wheelset

Yes, as the website says, “Simple and beautiful.”

We have Crankbrothers Cobalt 1XC wheels on our Montrose bikes. So far, on Montrose #2, the wheels are straight and reliable. On Montrose #1, the Cobalts have been put to some grueling Chicago commuting and pleasure rides that would put other wheels to shame. Let me rephrase that… not to shame, but I would not ride on some of the rough roads around Chicago city streets without Cobalt 1XC wheels unless you want something similar to getting exfoliated by piranhas. Use these wheels, trust me like you trust your planned bathtub milk jam.

Why? Look for yourself... if you can't look for yourself, call a relative, or a friend, to look for you.

They’re like the honey wagon hayride… These are 29er / 700c mountain bike wheels = tough. Light and tough. The double spokes. The 1975g per set. The capability of clincher / tubeless.

For KUMA bikes, I highly recommend these wheels. For the price, why would anyone need anything else. If you like cyclocross/grave/29er mountain bike shenanigans – these are the wheels to get.

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