KUMA Grava 2 - Gravel Frame (grava is Spanish for gravel).


The KUMA Grava 2 is a bike you take on epic bikepacking rides, grocery store errands, or all around riding (gravel-dirt roads, bicycle touring, gravely bike paths, streets, boulevards, alleys...).

Internal cable routing? Yes! From the handlebar down to the brakes. You would need a  


Grava’s intentions:

Travel long distances in comfort. Install panniers, a frame bag, seatpost mounted saddle bag, and handlebar bag (maybe even a backpack). This model allows you to use a disc pannier rack also. Let the Grava 2 carry your essentials for a weekend of bikepacking. Let it carry the groceries from point B to point A.

Again, it is designed to travel long distances in comfort. Just fuel up yourself, your body, your stomach, point forward, and go on a journey. In return, you’ll experience what Earth has to offer.

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