KUMA Bicycle Copany - Carbon Fiber Racing

KUMA Bicycle Company Philosophy -  くま (KUMA). KUMA = Bear in Japanese


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This company was started with passion for bicycles and the outdoors between two people.


We have the bike frames you want, and you build them the way you want them.

When you are standing at the start line, straddling your bike, you’ll notice that every bicycle out there is not the same, none are identical. Sure, some frames are the same, but riders opt to install different components, making their cyclocross racing experience unique all to themselves.


From Pros to Cat 5. From recreational riders to those who use a bicycle for commuting - not one bicycle is the same.


KBC offers just that, frames that you can build whichever way you desire because at the moment, we just make bicycle frames. Bicycle frames with the highest standards in carbon quality. And modern to boot!

Get a KUMA bike. Gravel, Fat, Cyclocross... soon to have Fixed gear, and perhaps, a Triathlon specific frame. Shop around and stay tuned.